Comic for Thursday, Jul 19, 2018


Posted July 19, 2018 at 12:34 am
- The Grace-A-Monster starters intro
- "FOOLS!"

One change for Gracemander that might not have been apparent in the previous comic is that her ponytail has gone from a side ponytail to an... upward ponytail, like a rising flame.

ShellGrace, meanwhile, is at least 20% cooler with some rad shades and a second ponytail (which probably has a more precise name that 5,000 people will inform me of).

Graceasaur has always been the Grace-A-Monster whose design (and design progression) I was least sure of, so of course she's wound up with possible the most dramatic and interesting changes. She continues to be super chill about stuff.

Ellen and Nanase

Speaking of designs, I'm trying to vary Nanase and Ellen's relative physiques more, and I've always liked the idea of Ellen being noticeably bulkier than Nanase, and Nanase being much, much stronger than she looks (emphasizing something magical going on with her physical strength).

I've tried making Nanase visibly muscular, mostly because people have seemed to want it and think it logical. I've rarely been happy with the results, however. I've enjoyed extreme cases in the form of, well, forms, but less so as a default state of being, which I know is going to disappoint some people.

That does generally mean a less beefy Nanase, BUT fans of muscular women should note that Grace boosts her strength with actual noticeable changes to her muscle mass, and I definitely want anything Grace does like that to have visible side effects.

Plus, my conscience (and peer pressure) will demand instances of beefy female forms to make up for this.