Comic for Monday, Jul 16, 2018


Posted July 16, 2018 at 4:48 pm
I had a lot of fun with the poses in this one.

Gracemeleon is closer to human Grace than Gracemander (well, closer to ADULT human Grace). While it's not apparent in that rad pose, however, Gracemeleon is significantly shorter than human Grace, and is a bit less bulky all around.

The fire Grace family in general, really, is leaner than the others, though that will be evident soon.

More evolved monsters are worth more XP in the actual games. This means that, early game, mid-stage bug types are XP gold. Fully evolved bug types are even more XP gold, but I don't recall running into them early game. Much more common would be to run into someone with a bug in a cocoon that literally could not attack, could only boost their defenses, and would be worth a truckload of XP.