Comic for Saturday, Feb 17, 2024


Posted February 17, 2024 at 12:00 am

- "People are perceived through magic," The Will of Magic

I didn't set out to write a "Tedd is rambling" comic. The "magic seems geared towards selfish spells" was simply a point I couldn't fit in the previous comic, and panel two is close to what naturally followed.

I say "close to" because that's the abridged version.


I intentionally want to leave some things with magic unconfirmed. This isn't just to give myself wiggle room in case something Tedd hypothesizes turns out to be a bad idea narratively (THAT is a BONUS).

It's because leaving things unconfirmed makes sense. There are so many things that would be difficult in-universe to truly confirm.

Tedd would need statistically significant sample sizes for testing, controls, and years of research. Unless I want to pretend Tedd DOESN'T care about the scientific method, a lot of what Tedd hypothesizes needs to remain in "educated guess" territory.

On top of that, it's magic, and if they've got it all figured out, it's boring (and limiting).

(Of course, if tossing these rules into house rules for a Roleplaying Game, any hypothesis you want can be correct.)

ALL OF THAT SAID, what Tedd's saying here is pretty consistent with established canon. "Focusing on your desires while using magic is easier for magic to understand" probably adds up.