Comic for Thursday, Feb 15, 2024


Posted February 15, 2024 at 12:00 am

I didn't intend to make a magic system that judges you, but I might have made a magic system that judges you.

If a video game were made that was inspired by this magic system, I would imagine it being one of two things.

Option A - A game in which, mostly, you intuitively obtain new skills based on your actions in the game. These would based on common actions, quest choices, and various other things you might do in the game. Less moral choices, and more "oh, you're a sneaky sneak who is sneaky, and makes sneaky choices? You can supernaturally blend into shadows now."

Option B - You can either save the puppy orphanage, or demolish it yourself. Which option you choose gives you good or evil points. Huzzah.