Comic for Thursday, Jan 11, 2024


Posted January 11, 2024 at 12:00 am

She likes the form.

Worth noting is that Nanase is shorter than Tedd right now, so in that last panel, she's either floating, or standing on her toes. Take your pick.

Elaborate details!

I received questions about the narration at the end of the previous comic. My reply:

To me, elaborate in-comic narration being prompted by Ashley NOT being all that into something is funny.

I generally just throw what I think is funny at the wall and hope other people agree (with some consideration for what could get tomatoes thrown at me).

Side tangent: “Don’t laugh at your own jokes” is a misunderstood mantra. You SHOULD laugh at your own jokes. If you don’t find them funny, why are you telling them?

All “don’t laugh at your own jokes” means is to not spoil your delivery, or overall on-stage performance, via laughter (how exactly laughter at the wrong time can be an issue will vary).

One can still find themselves funny, darn it. Heck, I think it’s more conceited if someone doesn’t.

“Well, *I* don’t find this hilarious, but those unkempt sheep will certainly guffaw upon hearing it.” THAT’S NOT BETTER.