Comic for Tuesday, Jan 9, 2024


Posted January 9, 2024 at 12:00 am

Ashley has preferences! There's just a lot of things she likes.

For this comic, I stood around posing in order to figure out what exactly Nanase, Fox, and Ashley would be doing, and yes, that means Fox's pose in the first panel is inspired by some silly nonsense I did while posing.

Obviously, I now recommend cartoonists do stuff like that when figuring out poses.

(For the record, I didn't pose EXACTLY like that, but it was close enough.)

Acting out conversations is something I really should do more often when planning comics. The question of "what are they even doing with their hands while saying this" becomes simpler if you've already done something with your own hands while saying the same thing.

The temptation exists to skip that step to save time, and sometimes that is the better choice. Other times, it's like "I've spent HOW LONG trying to figure this out while just sitting around? Just act it out already."

"Generally Speaking"

I sometimes have polls in which I'm trying to get general opinions on things, and the subjects of specifics come up. 

Specifics almost always have the potential to change whether someone likes or dislikes a specific case of something, but "generally speaking" isn't concerned with getting too specific. 

A way of looking "generally liking" is "do you usually like this thing," as opposed to "do you like this thing under the exact right circumstances?"

For example:

Person A generally likes pizza. Most of the time, if pizza is being had, they're happy. There are, however, some toppings, or ways that pizza can be cooked, that they don't like, and that one restaurant? To heck with their pizza. Liking pizza is more rule than exception, but it's still not 100%

Person B doesn't generally like pizza. There is, however, a specific style of pizza from a specific restaurant with specific toppings that they think is pretty great. Liking pizza is more the exception than the rule, but exceptions do exist.

Person C doesn't like pizza. In fact, they think pizza is THE WORST. No exceptions exist for them (which is fair enough, as they're lactose intolerant and stick to a low-carb diet). 

Ashley D doesn't generally like transformations with women becoming big and muscular, but if they're in a labyrinth and turning into a minotaur...