Comic for Tuesday, Jan 2, 2024


Posted January 2, 2024 at 12:00 am

The previous comic wasn't entirely clear on what Ashley assumed about Nanase's actual physical strength, so now this exists.


It's worth noting that the authorial intent of the first panel is a VERY hyperbolic representation of Ashley's thoughts regarding Nanase. The intent was "Nanase is not as strong as she's making herself sound," not Nanase lifts... However heavy those might be? Those might be 3 lbs. weights? Those kind of look like it.

My plan was to just make Ashley look more muscular in the first panel, but the more I played with the layout, the more I found it didn't work without Ashley a) being in the background (I originally imagined foreground, which would have worked fine in a wider panel), and b) big enough to not look small due to being behind Nanase.