Comic for Saturday, Dec 30, 2023


Posted December 30, 2023 at 2:31 am

Arms like oak trees, barrels for forearms, and anvils for fists!

(The barrels are filled with water)

(Please do not confuse them for empty barrels)

(Those would be weird to have between oak trees and anvils)

I fully admit to preferring to draw absurdly strong women not looking like absurdly strong women. Or, at least, not like how we've been taught to expect really strong people to look? A person can be pretty gosh darn strong without looking like a bodybuilder. If anything, some of the beefy men I've drawn have been less realistic than Nanase.

Which I did not expect to write! I fully expected this commentary just being me saying "yeah, it's a fair criticism" (and it is), but I genuinely just started wondering, while typing the above paragraph, how bulky I should actually draw strong people (when trying to be realistic).

I guess the obvious answer is to actually observe athletes who are athletes in the relevant thing a given character is athleting in, so probably mixed martial arts athletes for Nanase?

Of course, ALL that aside, Nanase isn't supposed to just be an athletic martial artist. She's supposed to be quite strong in terms of lifting ability and such, so it probably, PROBABLY would make sense for her to be plenty more bulky than she is.

ANYWAY, I'll have more to say about it later, but this muscle option was one of the first ideas I had for Nanase doing trades like this. Another was the shrinking, because of course it was, this is me we're talking about.