Comic for Wednesday, Jun 10, 2015


Posted June 10, 2015 at 1:01 am

I really wanted to make it so Tedd wasn't wearing a shirt under his open button shirt, but I was having trouble making it look natural. Tedd is somewhat lacking in definition, and I wasn't satisifed with how his chest and abdomen looked. I will train in the ways of drawing shirtless Tedd and find an excuse for him to adapt the open-shirt look another time.

I have given characters inappropriate and funny names in the past and I apologize for nothing. Granted, they were all single player experiences by myself with no online sharing, so I'm not sure why I would apologize. Maybe because it made someone at Squaresoft cry and they knew not why?

I'm sorry, hypothetical crying employee from before the merger with Enix.

As I mentioned, I wrote this comic before the previous one, complete with quote from the original English Translation of Chrono Trigger. For all I know, it's the same in the later translation for the DS version, but the point is that it was a quote, and I found myself wanting to establish which game they were playing because of it. This decision resulted in the previous comic, the next comic, and more comics after that, as I really want to keep this update buffer going and staying on the Chrono Trigger train makes it pretty easy.

Long commentary short: I hope you like Chrono Trigger. Also, I won't be making them comment on anything too spoilery. Unless you're bothered by brief descriptions of the game's characters, you'll be fine.

And yes, I know the game is twenty years old, but it's available on Wii Virtual Console (original, not Wii U (GRR)) and mobile devices (I prefer the former due to prefering buttons), and there are people playing it for the first time even today.

Speaking of the Wii Virtual Console, that's the version they're playing. It feels weird to think of these characters as being that much younger than me, but that at this point, it seems more natural that even Tedd's first time playing it would have been via the Virtual Console (or maybe the DS) and not the SNES. Again, that feels weird to me, but it makes sense.