Comic for Monday, Jun 8, 2015


Posted June 8, 2015 at 1:01 am

What? Tedd needed to be doing SOMETHING when Grace walked to him. Why not being beefy?

It makes perfect sense.

I actually wrote the next EGS:NP before this one, which has a joke that can fit many RPG video games. I decided I wanted Grace to specifically be playing Chrono Trigger, however, so I wrote this comic. Once that was established, I got an idea for something else, and suddenly I had a script for Friday's comic.

As I'm typing this, the next two EGS:NP comics are each at the inking stage of production, and I intend to finish them as quickly as possible. This comic's going to have an update buffer for once, and it's basically thanks to Chrono Trigger. Given how often I've jokingly blamed Lavos of Chrono Trigger for update delays, I find that hilarious.