Comic for Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014


Posted September 17, 2014 at 2:02 am

Fairy doll action figure Tedd comes with no accessories and and a distinct lack of kung fu grip. Costs some number of dollars. Act now!

I like it when Susan likes things. Then again, I also like it when she doesn't like things. On a third hand, I also like it when she's sort of in the middle in regard to something. I guess I just like Susan?

Anyway, action figures with thousands upon thousands of points of articulation have ruined all other action figures for me. These days, I either want figures that don't move at all but look super cool, or figures that are so poseable that you can't help but wonder how they even managed it.

Of course, there are exceptions. I have this Super Mario figure that's really awesome and pretty darn poseable, but you can't really move his neck around. This is probably because he doesn't have a neck. His chin just sort of rests on his chest. His arms are really short, too. I'm pretty sure he must have stretchy arm powers for smashing blocks in his normal games and punching people (and various other creatures) in the Super Smash Bros games.