Comic for Monday, Sep 15, 2014


Posted September 15, 2014 at 1:00 am

This is being posted on a weekday with no story comic *gasp*, and I feel I'd better clarify that it's NOT because I'm overworked! Sort of. I was dealing with behind the scenes technical mumbo-jumbo with a new work compy (note: not a dinosaur), and though I handled the stress with dignity (i.e. I freaked out less than a dozen times), it ate up a lot of my weekend, and given that I hadn't really been planning to spend a good chunk of my weekend on that, it ate into my productivity considerably.

And now, on with this comic's commentary! A comic about Nanase as a fairy version of her cousin Tedd with a fairy version of herself flying around her and it being awkward for reasons.


Actually, let's just leave this commentary's focus as me getting stressed out over technical stuff, shall we? Yes, that's for the best.

OH! But since no story comic, I'll post classic commentary links here (I'll also post them on Tuesday's story comic and delete them from here later unless I forget which is TOTALLY possible)

May 2 - May 3 - May 4 - May 5

Also, the sketchbook will be posted before the light of dawn (hopefully) (depends on time zone) (tacos)