Comic for Friday, Sep 12, 2014


Posted September 12, 2014 at 1:00 am

- Seriously why we're here, dude

Grace has taught Tedd well. Granted, it's unlikely Tedd was actually trying to push this result once Susan explained herself, but she may as well have.

I actually originally imagined Susan not needing so much convincing, but when it got time to write it, it didn't feel like I was writing for Susan, and that's when you know something's wrong. Susan wouldn't immediately leap at or be tempted by the offer to essentially have a miniature fairy version of Tedd she has some measure of control over.

So then this happened and I'm quite happy with it. Maybe you're not, but TOO BAD! I'M AT THE WHEEL! *Hits a tree* ...Yeah, well, I'm still at the wheel.