Comic for Wednesday, Aug 13, 2014


Posted August 13, 2014 at 1:00 am

- The origin of the fairy doll in the treasure chest

Quick note: The first Patreon funded sketchbook is up today! Right. Back to EGS:NP comic stuff.

Have I mentioned that Susan having a treasure chest is inspired by the fact that I used to have one? Sort of, anyway. It was some manner of medium-sized, light-weight storage container that looked like a generic treasure chest. These days, the closest thing I have to that is this thing:

It was an accessory for the World of Warcraft card game, though I've mostly used it and the dice that came with it while at Magic: The Gathering tournaments, and by "mostly", I mean "exclusively".

And now I'm just going to take pride in the fact that I've managed to bring the subject of card games into an EGS:NP storyline that has nothing to do with card games.