Comic for Friday, Sep 19, 2014


Posted September 19, 2014 at 1:18 am

 - Start of Storyline

I'm sure this comic will enrage some people and result in riots the like of which this world has never seen, BUT Grace isn't kidding about a lot of people asking me about this and the common assumption that the storyline is simply not canon. I decided that any clarification not in an actual comic wasn't going to accomplish much at this point, and decided to unleash this upon the readership to make it clear not only for this storyline, but for any future EGS:NP storylines.

Granted, a storyline might only become canon retroactively, but that image is for "definitely" canon. All you "maybe" canons can get in line! It's still a simple way to check: Just go to the first comic in an EGS:NP storyline and scroll down a bit. If that image is there, bam. If not, the storyline either isn't canon, or has not yet been confirmed as canon.

This comic ALSO exists because I find it highly amusing to declare a storyline officially canon by way of a clearly non-canon comic within it.