Comic for Monday, Dec 18, 2017


Posted December 18, 2017 at 1:00 am

EDIT - OH SNAP! I made a mistake while playtesting and moved Ashley twelve spaces instead of eleven! Since the rest of the game was based on this mistake (and the pieces move automatically, so it couldn't happen by accident in-story), I had to rewrite this comic to reflect a twelve-roll!

Since a roll of 12 MUST be doubles, I had to change Ashley's thoughts to reflect the option of targeting other players, so panel two was pretty significantly edited. Here is the original version. Worth noting is that Ashley's 3-type card is said to affect movement in the original version (which remains true).

Original commentary - 

Before anyone asks the reasonable question, no, this does not mean EGS:NP is suddenly going on hiatus or switching storylines or something. That "to be continued" at the end is just poking fun at how cliffhanger-esque this comic is.

The reason it's such a cliffhanger is simply that I need an entire comic's visuals for Ashley actually using the card. Why will be obvious in the next comic.

If you want to know what card Ashley is using, it was mentioned in this comic, and explained in the commentary. I don't feel this is much of a spoiler, as Ashley's thoughts make it pretty clear that it's not a standard transformation card, there's only two of those, and we know the first one can't be used to buy spaces.