Comic for Monday, Dec 11, 2017


Posted December 11, 2017 at 1:55 am

- Reset and Swap Forms cards mentioned

No, there's not going to be actual drama about this, but come on. Rhoda's gonna be a little disappointed about the Saint Bernard form going away that quickly.

Catalina's logic here is sold from a gameplay perspective, at least in my opinion. Reset is a very situationally useful card to have, and you can't buy or take spaces with it, so it's probably a better idea to just use it on a turn you can't buy anything and draw another card.

Granted, there are only two of those in the 40 card deck, and there is the potential for them to be very handy. I just agree with the logic of not setting on a card that you might possibly maybe find useful at some point when you can immediately free up your current form (making it easier to transform yourself) and draw another card that could potentially be of immediate use.

Between Busty and Golden Cheerleader being on the field, it's like there's two thirds of a fifth player drawing cards, too. Discarded cards eventually get shuffled in, and there are better than normal odds that that Reset card will re-enter circulation.