Comic for Friday, Oct 27, 2017


Posted October 27, 2017 at 1:01 am
I'm sure the shrinking or whatever exactly it was Professor Hanma did to everyone will wear off soon.
As previously mentioned, form side effects will only be elaborated upon only if and when they matter to avoid both spoilers and devoting panel space to explaining things that wind up not mattering.
Swap card
The swap card, which also does pretty much what it sounds like, can be used to acquire spaces. All you have to do is acquire enough forms via the swap to match the cost of the space (which, if taking someone’s owned space, means there specifically needs to be enough forms on the space’s current owner).

Once one remembers “no transformation of that type” is an option,  I think there are 813 possible combinations?  729 combinations of just 1-type cards (9*9*9), 81 combinations with a 2-type card involved (3*9*3), and, well, 3 3-type cards being a thing.
Ease of replacing transformations
Not counting being hit with a reset or swap card, any given 1-type card is vulnerable to being replaced by 16 cards, or 40% of the deck.
2-type cards, meanwhile, are vulnerable to being replaced by 12 individual cards, or 30% of the deck, but are also vulnerable to the right pairing of 1-type cards.
I’m not entirely certain how much less (or more?) likely a 2-type card is replaced than a 1-type. There are 64 different 1-type card pairs to counter any given 2-type cards on top of the 12 individual cards, but we’re also talking about getting those pairs in what’s usually a 3-card hand, so... I dunno? Probably a little harder to pull off, but not by a lot?
3- type cards are only vulnerable to 1-type cards and combinations of other cards that add up to three types. They also tend to have the most objectively negative side effects. They can buy any space, but are best saved for either taking the win, or transforming another player.
The sort-of nerfing of 2-type cards 
2-type cards were originally harder to deal with in that you couldn’t just use any other 2-type card to deal with them.  The problem with that was it meant only 5 individual cards could replace those cards, and I feel it negatively effects the game (and any story written around it) if it’s that difficult to transform nearly a fourth of the forms in the deck.
What I wound up going with does mean it’s sometimes possible to transform someone with 3-types of transformations on them using just one 2-type card. If they have a 2-type card and a 1-type card on them, and you use a 2-type card that shares the type of the 1-type card, it will replace both cards. It will still only count as 2-types in so far as acquiring spaces, however.