Comic for Monday, Sep 18, 2017


Posted September 18, 2017 at 1:00 am

- Rhoda and Catalina were present for a mini-lesson of sorts on immortals in So A Date At The Mall

- Catalina fear of Otaku while a cat girl
- Catalina elaborating on why with the fear (very next comic)

Rhoda is capable of what she did in the previous comic, but it would be difficult. She can do each individual action right now in canon, but the whole combination done that quickly (and it would have to be quick to catch Catalina) would be very difficult to pull off.

I actually hadn't considered the fear of otaku angle until someone reminded me after the previous comic. This particular comic would've been the same either way, but I like the additional context.

Also, yes, I know not all cosplayers are into anime and manga, or could be considered "otaku". Also, cosplayers are rad. You need not flee from them!

Well, most of them.