Comic for Friday, Sep 15, 2017


Posted September 15, 2017 at 1:01 am

Rhoda in Escape From The Mall: A display of talent.

Rhoda now: A display of skill.

I condisered less "descriptive" sound effects, but this is a pretty bizarre sequence done in four panels, and I figured they would be a good way to cheat in some clarity.

This idea just sort of popped into my head while thinking about how I'd rather Catalina and Rhoda be on the same side of the booth. I couldn't tell you exactly how Rhoda managed to shrink Catalina in a way in which Catalina wound up mid-air and not on the seat of the booth, but so long as we're breaking every known physical law in the universe, why not?

Really, I'm not sure if shrinking downward makes any more since than shrinking towards the middle of whatever's being shrunk. Gravity is a logical thing to bring up, certainly, but what if the shrinking motion were towards a sort of middle at a rate that would outspeed the pull of gravity? What if the process was off center, and the upward force was greater from below than above? Would the person fly up a bit? What if gravity itself sort of took a holiday during the shrinking process?

I don't know myself, but I'm pretty confident I could technobabble up a "good enough for comics" answer if I had to.

But I don't.

So there.