Comic for Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016


Posted January 26, 2016 at 12:54 am

This is pretty much the happiest I've been with drawn abs on a non-bodybuilder body I've drawn. As I've gone on about before, it's difficult to narrow down muscle details in my style without throwing in too many lines, and even abs on most really athletic people are subtle enough that they don't call for each ab to be individually highlighted (unless possibly flexing, possibly due to a guest spot on Game of Thrones or something).

I was very indecisive about where exactly to go next, and was tempted to more explicitly address certain, um, "other details". I don't think I'm spoiling much when I say that's going to wind up left vague, though it sort of bugs me that I feel that necessary (both from a content standpoint and my own personal comfort. In the case of the latter, I'd love to be more chill about such things).