Comic for Friday, Jan 22, 2016


Posted January 22, 2016 at 1:57 am

Grace closed her eyes in a manner of casual concentration, a slow deliberation to her breathing. As her now masculine chest rose, so did her muscles expand, as though the air were slowly pushing out musculature that had simply been hiding within her. Abs defined, biceps bulged, shoulders broadened, and every muscle in Grace's body followed suit, growing larger with each slow, deliberate breath.

Her sweatpants, chosen for how large they were, now seemed undersized, and possibly at risk of tearing. Sarah would have felt conflicted about this, were she not too mesmerized by the display before her for such complex thought. She knew only that she dared not look away from Grace, and when the transformation was complete, she did not want to accept it was over.

*Erhem* Sorry. While drawing this comic, I spent pretty much the whole time  thinking "I really, really want to write more", and decided "by golly gee whiz and gingersnaps, I'm going to indulge in some creative writing in the commentary, by giblets!"

And so I did. The end.
...Of this commentary. Not the comic. Well, I mean, I guess the end of THIS comic, but not THE comic. You know what I mean, right? Writing is hard, dude.