Comic for Wednesday, Jan 20, 2016


Posted January 20, 2016 at 1:44 am

I... THINK I made this comic? I'm not attempting to disassociate myself from it. I quite like rapid muscle growth on male forms, and rarely have an excuse to draw it. It's just that I was so ridiculously tired the day I drew this comic that much of the day was rather trance like, and my memory of working on it is overshadowed by memories of attempting to keep myself conscious by listening to some Let's Play while working.

Though, frankly, that's a bit of a blur, too. I vaguely remember someone talking to their coffee, someone being named Zach, and a very confused player saying "what" a lot in a way that made me think of the tenth Doctor from Doctor Who, which might indicate some manner of prejudice on my part in which I think all British men are David Tennant, which is most certainly not true, but imagine if that were so? What a world that would be.

Anyway, the comic. Right. Um... Abs. That'll do.