Comic for Friday, Nov 13, 2015


Posted November 13, 2015 at 1:49 am

It's to be expected, really. Transformation may be Grace's jam, sure, but strictly visual-based attraction is less so. Make it all about manly men, and we're not even close to this being Grace's jam.

Granted, I believe "jam" is supposed to be in reference to a song when used in such context, so really none of these things should be considered anyone's jam. That said, saying something is someone's jam is currently my jam, so screw the rules, I have jam.

That said, Grace isn't one to bail, and of these three, she's the one who can do the technical stuff with setting up forms. She isn't going anywhere.

Part of me wanted to make Grace say something about knowing how Let's Players feel in the last panel, but it felt a bit forced. All the same, seriously, it's harder to play video games while dividing your attention between the game and talking about other things. It's almost like humans aren't actually designed for multitasking.