Comic for Wednesday, Nov 11, 2015


Posted November 11, 2015 at 1:15 am

Get your head out of the gutter! Sarah's just thinking about baseball, and... Wait. A field full of sweaty men playing sports? That doesn't really work as a "not thinking about other things" excuse when the subject is attracted to men, does it?

I suppose she could be thinking purely about the mechanics of Baseball. There's some interesting physics involved. Heck, you could probably do a lecture on the physics behind various types of pitches. That works.

So yeah, Sarah's just thinking about balls.

Fun side note: My hair is super short these days. In spite of desiring hair worthy of a romance novel cover, I've had a bald spot forming and hair retreating since late high school, so that's not gonna happen, and I haven't been happy with long, or even medium length, hair under those circumstances.

So I decided to shave it short (translation: I got a self hair trimmer, shaved one part shorter than I wanted, and said "I guess this is my life now"), and let it grow out until I decide it's the length I want. I'm not sure, but given my "natural monk" hair, that starting super short length might be the way I actually want to go. It's grown a bit since then, still too short for combing to make any difference, and I'm not sure it's an improvement. I'll give it some more time, but maybe just shy of baldness is in my future.

I bring all this up because I felt perhaps the comic might come off as not being particularly nice to baldness. Given this, I felt I should make clear my own hair situation, and how I'm considering keeping it very short by choice because it may well look best that way on me.