Comic for Wednesday, Sep 16, 2015


Posted September 16, 2015 at 1:01 am

What? I write what I know! And what I know is that I'm a Nintendo dork.

Speaking of which, I made another level, because of course I did (link is to Miiverse preview images):

Mario in Wonderland - 1965-0000-003A-8FA9 - Mario Maker gives you a relatively small sub world to work with, aka a place for Mario to wind up in after going down pipes. I used this to make two versions of the same level, and the results are failry EGS appropriate.

So long as I'm being a Nintendo dork, I may as well say I have new found appreciation for the Flying Squirrel suit. Most power ups that let Mario glide also come with some sort of spin attack, but the Flying Squirrel suit doesn't. I used to think that made it the worst of all, but as I'm designing levels, I find myself avoiding power ups that would make enemies too easy to deal with.

Basically, the Flying Squirrel suit doesn't come with an extra attack, but that gives it a balance I find myself craving. Grace's enthusiasm for it is for obvious and less technical reasons, but for me, I find myself hoping they add it to Mario Maker later because I really want it for my levels.