Comic for Friday, Sep 18, 2015


Posted September 18, 2015 at 1:01 am

Representation really does matter. I want to elaborate on that, but I'm finding it difficult to put into words that I'm satisfied with. For now, I'll just say that writing EGS has resulted in me receiving a lot of feedback on the matter that has greatly emphasized just how important it is.

On a lighter note, and before anyone throws a tomato at me for making another letter comic, this is the last of these easy to create letter comic dealies. I had only planned the one, but then I thought of two more, so here we are. Even if I think of another one before Monday, I'm going to move on before vegetables get flung at me.

That also means this is the last comic in which I'll be shamelessly giving out codes for levels I've made (links are to preview images from my Miiverse posts page).

How To Train Your Bowser 2  49D5-0000-0043-06FA - Training bowser has FAILED, and it's time for Mario to make use of throwable / wearable spiny shells and Bowser himself to clear a path and escape.

Spelunkery  1FDF-0000-0047-0C02 - Mario Maker finally got me to make an 8-bit level due to me needing to keep Mario one size while still giving him power ups. On the plus side, this means Mystery Mushrooms.