Comic for Monday, Sep 14, 2015


Posted September 14, 2015 at 1:01 am

- Letters from Tedd

I'd brag about getting this comic done in advance, but... Yeah. Not quite a feat, there. Still, I wanted to have Tedd write this letter, and there's not much sense in drawing him from a ton of different angles when he's just writing and I'm trying to stick to a schedule.

As for Super Mario Maker, I have played around with it, I like, and this commentary will end with search codes for four levels I've made. And no, this isn't product placement. I'm just a Nintendo dork :P

I pretty much agree with everything Tedd has written in panel two, except I care less about Zero Suit Samus and Tennis Outfits, and would rather just push for other Mario characters because, really, why not? They've already got functional models for Luigi and Toad, and I doubt it'd be that difficult to add Rosalina and Peach.

Also Princess Daisy, because we need more Daisy.

Anyway, ze levels (links are to Miiverse preview images). I'll eventually be posting videos with footage of whatever levels I make on the YouTubes.

Open With Shells  2BF3-0000-0012-D807 - My first level. It's apparently more difficult than I intended with less than a 4% clear rate, but it's my first day! I mean, level.

Chimera Boss  45B4-0000-001B-FDD1 - What horrible monstrosity awaits at the end of this short level clearly created by a novice? NO ONE KNOWS. ...Until they see it. Then they know.

Chili Dogs  A695-0000-0023-0788 - Named after Sonic The Hedgehog's favorite food, this level has 100 coins and only gives you 30 seconds to beat it. Gotta go fast.

How To Train Your Bowser  9A57-0000-002A-3F3E - Protect your head and use Bowser to get through the blocks keeping you from the flag pole! As an extra challenge, try and find the hidden coins before finishing the level. My favorite of these four levels.