Comic for Friday, Aug 1, 2014


Posted August 1, 2014 at 1:01 am

We certainly are, Grace!

The first month of Patreon was an enormous success! Every milestone was reached, including one I added later. I am very thankful for this support, and it seemed the only appropriate way to finally be rid of the gods of curling was with an onslaught of bunnies.

Here are the Patreon bonuses we're getting this month (will be announced at the bottom of story comic commentaries):

  • EGS:NP every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • 3 Classic comic commentaries Mon-Wed-Friday, 4 classic comic commentaries Tues-Thurs. Any remaining will be added on the last day of the month. At time of typing this, this will total 76 commentaries.
  • 2 Bonus full page color sketchbooks to be posted sometime before the end of the month
  • 11 Character request sketchbooks with requests from particular generous patrons. These will be posted as they're completed.

I should PROBABLY note that EGS:NP isn't going to be double-sized now unless it needs to be. Heck, that's what happened with this one. I only needed four panels, but I needed them BIG. That could certainly happen again at some point.