Comic for Friday, Feb 19, 2010


Posted February 19, 2010 at 1:00 am

Contrary to what's stated above and below, EGS:NP was on an indefinite hiatus.

That may soon end, however! EGS Patreon

-- Original Commentary --

In actuality, I am taking a week off from EGS:NP because next week will be the last week of Q&A comics and I want to get as far ahead as possible with both the story comics and EGS:NP, so I'm lightening the load of things being posted for next week while actually doing much more work than normal behind the scenes.

The reason I blame the Winter Olympics and the gods of curling in the comic, however, is because the Winter Olympics result in a lot of TV shows airing reruns, and I've had that image of panel two roughly in my head ever since hearing an announcer say "the gods of curling must be smiling upon them". They are, of course, not smiling here, but that's what inspired this.