Comic for Friday, Jul 19, 2002


Posted July 19, 2002 at 1:00 am

 Human, Cat, Half-Squirrel, Full Squirrel, Jeremy... Well, that's five total. I'm not sure if panel four is a genuine miscount on her part (four other forms + half-squirrel equals five, so four "other" forms), or if I was thinking of foreshadowing something?

Spoiler warning: If I was, I totally didn't follow through on it.

There are only so many times I can wonder why Greg didn't just go inside in the first place and meet Grace (or at least TELL GRACE ABOUT THE GUY HIDING OUTSIDE), but I actually couldn't remember whether I had an explanation for it. This is where it would be if there was one, however, so I guess there isn't.

Also? Grace can talk to Jeremy. Is that new information? Whatever. That's a thing she can do. I have fun with it. Mereow.

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