Comic for Monday, Jan 14, 2019


Posted January 14, 2019 at 12:56 am

- Immortals at the mall
- Grace (and others) meet Voltaire (but do not learn his name, sadly)

And this is why panicked Grace from a couple pages back thought "Faustian bargains" (essentially, a "deal with the devil"). She's concerned about mean nasty immortals, and in particular one whose name she still doesn't know why didn't you have him say his name past me you FAIL!

Anyway, Grace technically isn't lying in panel four. Sort of. From a certain point of view.

Look, at least Grace's "from a certain point of view" is technically correct even when looked at literally. Her abilities are technically magic, she was born with them, and her having them has been a factor in her learning all sorts of things. At least there's no entirely misleading poetic metaphor nonsense.