Comic for Friday, Sep 21, 2018


Posted September 21, 2018 at 4:06 am
EDIT - This comic originally lacked the narration in panel one, and Diane's reflection was way too perfectly mirror-like in that panel. Both of these things resulted in confusion for some readers.

Talking to one's own inner child in a reflection is a clever bit of symbolism I thought of all by myself during one of my many moments of transcending inventiveness that are only overshadowed by my long, luxurious flowing hair of volume beyond that of even the fluffiest of sheep.

If you've seen evidence of other people beating me to this narrative device, or of me actually having been balding since high school and recently having shaved my head because it was easier than trying to get an even short length after too long time without a proper trim, DO NOT PANIC. That is simply reality itself bending at the corners in an effort to sully my name, so offended as it is by my majesty.

...Okay, maybe this is a bit cliche, but look! An elephant! Also, it's ten times more fun than Diane just having an internal monologue in which she evaluates her own past.

Believe me, I know. I did the math after writing the alternative. I might be rounding up from nine and some change, but that's still a significant amount.


Forgive me if literally everyone knows this, but this comic has an international audience, so... "don't think about elephants" is a common example given of trying not to think about something, the point being that if you try NOT to think about something, you're probably going to think about it.