Comic for Friday, Apr 5, 2019


Posted April 5, 2019 at 3:19 am

Hooray! They found potions to fix the cat girl thing!

Why is no one else "hooraying"? Is it not the hooraying time?

A Common Question

This has been asked a lot over the years, but I paraphrased the person who specified that it wasn't a complaint, because yay for them.

As for something resembling an actual answer, I'm gonna do that on the next page, because the ACTUAL question I answered today was "are all the main cast LGBT+", and I'm just going to sneakily pretend I was only answering one question over the course of two pages (but don't tell anyone).

One reason I wanted to do this was because Sarah is often listed as the exception, but Sarah *can* find women attractive. It's true that she has a general preference for men, but that's not the whole story, either.

Another reason is because I obviously have a thing for Noah and Elliot playing basketball. And Susan being cutely awkward, and... Look, there was a lot I wanted to draw on this page.

And no, I don't know what the heck Catalina is wearing. Catalina, where did you get that outfit? Bad cat.