Comic for Friday, Nov 20, 2020


Posted November 20, 2020 at 2:19 am

Firstly, thank you, everyone, for your patience. If you're from the space future in space, you might not have noticed that there wasn't a Wednesday comic. This was for a few reasons, but mostly because I'd kinda gotten into the habit of getting to sleep after 4am, and the way my Tuesday was going, that would have continued.

I'm sure I'll find long term balance in my sleep schedule someday, though I definitely need to sort something out given that this isn't my first commentary talking about such issues.

Anyway, I miss Mythbusters.

Like, yes, their sample sizes were small, they skewed towards entertainment, etc, so on, and so forth, but they encouraged testing our assertions, and even went back and re-tested things after being criticized.

For all the "Jamie wants big boom" nonsense, they encouraged science, critical thinking, creativity, humility, and fun. We need more of all those things.

And yes, I know no one was probably expecting a Mythbusters rant down here in the commentary, but panel four got me started.


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