Comic for Monday, Mar 30, 2020


Posted March 30, 2020 at 3:29 am

I don't know why aliens mispronouncing "human" is a thing in science fiction, particularly when someone pronounces every other English word with no such quirks, but here we are.

And I'd truly love to have a lengthier commentary than that, but ye gods, I've been struggling to think what to put down here for ten minutes now. My brain has decided that commentaries are not worth it's full attention, and though I am attempted to concentrate on it, my mind's not really into it.

I suspect it's due to the subject of the comic being food, and the fact that I've been working on my own nutrition and weight loss as of late. It's making me want to go off on a complete tangent about such things, and it's just... No. Bad brain. No oatmeal for you.

...Okay, YES to oatmeal, but not right now.


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