Comic for Friday, Feb 21, 2020


Posted February 21, 2020 at 1:57 am

Starting next week, I'm not going to stay up working on comics past 12am Eastern USA time (unless, y'know, I literally just have the commentary left to write or something). I also don't intend to just work until that point even if I have hours to go on a page. I'll only work that late if I think it realistic and likely I'll finish within that time. If it's obvious I won't, earlier to bed is better.

This means story comics could see the "during the day" treatment at some point. I think long term, however, being stricter about when I go to bed will be healthier for both me and the production schedule.

Actual commentary for this page!

I don't care what the reception for panel five winds up being, I will love and defend it until the end of time.

I have been wanting Diane to elaborate on what she thinks a "nerd" is for a very long time, but I can't remember how long? I'm not sure if it's a "couple of years" or "half a decade" scenario.

Either way, the inspiration for Diane's "nerd" outlook was people I've known with their own baffling reactions to nerds and things they deemed "nerdy". Had I not actually met them first hand, I would have thought their attitudes a sort that would only exist in fiction, poorly written parodies of what one might think a jock or "mean girl" would think.

But no, I've met them, knew them (friends of friends), and found it all super odd. My fascination resulted in Diane inheriting the trait. As with many superficial things characters have inherited, however, I later thought about why Diane would think that way, and how rational / irrational it would be for them specifically.

Where did that end up? Let's find out, shall we?