Comic for Friday, Jul 19, 2019


Posted July 19, 2019 at 3:28 am

- Talking about Sam and the Friday date

"Sorry that thing I expected you to be going through slipped my mind, Sarah. I was super focused on how not-Sarah Ashley is."

"That's... Fine?"


One might be amazed how much I overthought the logistics of Sarah's arrival.

"Does she ring the doorbell? What's the doorbell noise? Does Grace answer it herself? Do I want to have this moment upstairs? If not, how do I smoothly transition to the basement? Am I actually one hundred percent certain I want Sarah to arrive first? What outfit should Sarah be in? Oh no whatever I choose now she's going to be stuck in for a while AAAAAAAA"

And then it's just like text, let in by Tedd, previously established outfit. Bam.

I think my brain just likes to over-complicate matters, which is undoubtedly a shocking revelation.