Comic for Monday, Jun 24, 2019


Posted June 24, 2019 at 12:52 am

Please don't grab people's shirts like that. Beyond being rude, it's super easy to stretch out a shirt that way, and that's not cool.

I hope it's contextually clear that Liz is watching one of Elliot and Susan's reviews in panel four, and that it's Elliot talking. He's specifically referring to Guardians of The Galaxy, and I hope "it's not cool to forget you have a passenger on your spaceship" is not a controversial declaration.

Gonna Need a Montage

"Okay, cool. Time to have Liz question people about Elliot! That's going to be all sorts of comics! Wait, how many pages are we in to the party storyline without getting to the party? 29?"

"Okay, cool. Time to have one page of Liz questioning people about Elliot!"