Comic for Friday, Sep 1, 2023


Posted September 1, 2023 at 12:00 am


- Magus (alternate Elliot) and Pandora being both of, and separate from, physical reality (Sister 2, Part 7)

- There be whales here (ambient-magic-eating creature) (There Be Whales Here, Part 3)

- Immortals no longer moving through walls (Our Future)

- Haircut nonsense (Part 1 of this storyline)

Panel one's pretty simple, but MY GOODNESS did it take time to figure out that layers visual, and how to get everything to fit in the panel.

I saw many different interpretations of Tedd's reaction to Kevin on the previous page. If your interpretation was "Tedd actually considering the question of relevancy, and coming up with something because of it," congratulations, you've earned the right to give yourself a cookie.

Not that you need me to do that if you want a cookie, but it's always nice to be told you can have a cookie.

Well, that escalated quickly

Before this storyline began, I imagined it taking Tedd a long time to reach this point.

It later occurred to me, however, that Tedd's train of thought would get on this track the instant the comparison to hair growing while transformed was made. It would be unstoppable, and making "choo choo" sounds all over the place.

So instead of it naturally taking a while, I had to slow Tedd down by throwing quantum physics on the track.

Sorry, quantum physics. It was for a good cause.