Comic for Wednesday, Jul 26, 2023


Posted July 26, 2023 at 3:27 am

This is how I'd write Tedd even if I hadn't learned stuff about ADHD that made me think Tedd (and possibly myself) have it, but since I HAVE learned that stuff about ADHD, I'm PRETTY SURE Tedd has ADHD?

Like I said, I'd write Tedd the same either way. The main difference now is that I'm conscious of the possibility.

Perceptive chairs

I swear I wrote that question before a number of readers asked the same thing in response to the previous page.

Great minds think alike.

About chairs.

And the perception of chairs.

It actually is way simpler

I actually think Lavender is correct in that it's simpler, but that's after thinking it through. I'm not sure if it actually sounds simpler.

The reason I say she's correct is the alternative.

If it really was just the antennae and tail that became intangible, and the actual form was still tangible besides, what would happen if someone tried to beep the projection's nose? They'd touch whatever's going on in that area of an uryuom's face, that's what.

By either either the projection or actual form tangible, either someone is seeing the projection, and can beep the projection's nose...

Or they see through the projection, and can beep... WHATEVER that part of an uryuom's face is. It might still be a nose? Look, I'll settle that mystery if and/or when it's plot relevant.


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