Comic for Monday, Jul 24, 2023


Posted July 24, 2023 at 12:00 am

Imagine Tedd and Sarah standing behind an unobservant uryuom with a wagging tail.

Though the tail repeatedly overlaps with Sarah, at no point does it touch her. She can't see through the projection, and is completely unaware of the tail.

Tedd, who can't help but see through the uryuom's projection, is being hit repeatedly, and Sarah's wondering what Tedd's annoyed about.

Anyway, the IMPORTANT thing here is that uryuom tails can totally clip through furniture, AND YES, this raises about a thousand questions, welcome to my world since I decided this was a thing.

Bewildering Projections

THIS nonsense is why I had to learn introductory quantum physics!

By which I mean VERY introductory. I'm talking stuff that can be covered in twenty minutes or less. I know, because I watched a few videos within that time range.

This wasn't because knowledge of quantum physics is required to write about uryuom projections. They are deliberately mind-boggling, and aren't supposed to match up with any actual understanding of anything.

What I wanted to know was whether quantum physics could reasonably be considered relevant to how uryuom projections work.

Quantum physics gets into things like electrons existing in every possible position at the same time until observed, the many worlds theories, things existing as waves...

Someone effectively having a tail, but NOT having a tail, depending on how they're being observed, and both answers being equally valid in their own way, felt at least adjacent to quantum physics.

Based on my EXTREMELY limited knowledge, however, I don't think quantum physics can explain uryuom projections.

I DO, however, think quantum physics can be relevant to discussions about uryuom projections. Both because there are similar concepts and theories at play, but ALSO because science fiction has given me the impression that you can slap "quantum" in front of something, and suddenly whatever you say it does makes sense somehow.


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