Comic for Friday, Mar 22, 2024


Posted March 22, 2024 at 2:54 am

For anyone still wondering, Grace heard "Jack," thought Jay might be a trans woman, and was very worried that Susan had accidentally shared very personal information.

Which was a natural interpretation for Grace to have that I myself didn't think of until I actually got to writing this scene.

I knew the context for "Jack," and it wasn't until I had to consider Grace's thoughts that I realized how one might interpret it without that context. I still wanted Susan to say "Jack", but I felt I needed to address this.

Which wasn't an issue, because Grace's reaction is one she'd naturally have. That, and it highlights one of the issues with people knowing seemingly random information about seemingly random people.

Delay due to Panel Accountant

The reveal of Grace's concern about Susan saying "Jack" was originally included on the previous page, and was done in three panels. This made that page super dense and busy, however, so I moved that to this page.

The irony of that choice was that three panels wound up becoming five, but they also became close ups on their faces, so it's not THAT ironic.

Jill - Jay - Jack

Susan actually has heard that Jay's name might be Jill before. This was at the party after Jay delivered pizza.

How do I explain this BLATANT PLOT HOLE?!

Susan forgot. She had never even seen Jay before back then. Her brain took that information, said "well, we don't need THIS," and swiftly wrote over it with newly discovered Star Trek trivia.


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