Comic for Monday, Feb 26, 2024


Posted February 26, 2024 at 12:00 am

"My favorite thing about dating Tedd is how totally real Tedd is. Like, you wouldn't believe Tedd's realness. You'll just be sitting there, and Tedd will do something, and you'll be like 'wow, so real!'"

(Spoilers for EGSNP's Parable if you haven't read it yet)

I wouldn't have bothered with a thought bubble in panel two if not for the semi-canon nature of EGSNP's Parable, and Jay still trying to become Grace's friend in that dream

(Referenced comic also has Jay reference that she would never invade people's dreams, and that it was in part because of Jay's "first encounter with magic").

Having just established that the dream happened very recently, I wanted to immediately address Jay's perception of her current friend status with Grace.

Which arguably wasn't necessary. It was a dream in which Jay wasn't 100% lucid, and people in their forties will still dream about some project they have to do in order to graduate high school. It would be fine if Jay's dream self was a bit confused.

HOWEVER! In terms of telling a story? Unnecessarily confusing. That, and it's not the worst thing to establish early that Jay doesn't see herself as being that close to Grace.


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