Comic for Wednesday, Jan 24, 2024


Posted January 24, 2024 at 4:50 am

I'm taking sick leave until further notice, and won't be posting new comics. 

Naturally, I don't know for how long, but ALSO naturally, I hope to get well soon.

Unless I'm feeling better tomorrow morning, soonest new comic is likely Tuesday.

Update: I seem to be doing better. I'm going to rest properly the rest of the weekend, and if all goes well, there will be a new EGSNP Tuesday, and a new Story page Wednesday.

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Ironically, me successfully sorting out a technical problem with my drawing tablet made this page take longer to make. Sort of. It's a bit convoluted.

As it turns out, the angle I previously had my tablet at, and the angle I held my pen at, would not infrequently result in my tablet pen not being registered as being off the tablet.

This meant I would get the line I wanted, lift the pen, annnd get even MORE (unwanted) line for about a second or two, because the tablet believe I was still pressing down with the pen.


Since how I held the pen would change some days, and how I angled the tablet would change, this had been an issue for a WHILE without me realizing it was that simple. It felt truly random, but it turns out the x-factors were myself, and the angle I set my old stands to (I was using two smaller stands together).

It was to the point that it was affecting the art style, encouraging (requiring) me to keep some things simpler than I actually wanted.

Having FINALLY figured out I can avoid this problem by either holding the pen close to totally upright at all times, or get a new tablet stand (did the former for the last EGSNP, was able to do the latter for this page), I'm able to draw more much more freely and naturally.

For this specific page, however, I was fighting muscle memory of trying to work around the issue I'd been having, and that same freedom made me really want to get get fancy with Mist and Potestas's hair. The hair thing wasn't difficult, but when not used to something, it makes the brain do extra work to do basic things, so... Slower.

Also, I'm FASCINATED by how it felt drawing without the issue I was describing with muscle memory expecting that issue. It took a few hour for me to just draw naturally rather than draw with the expectation that I was going to have to redo line after line at random. It genuinely felt WEIRD.


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