Comic for Monday, Jan 15, 2024


Posted January 15, 2024 at 12:00 am

I interacted with people for more than five minutes. I sleep now.

(Please do not actually collapse in beds like that. Pillow or no pillow, you could hurt your face.)

For the record, authorial intent was there's no scene missing between panels two and three. Hope is just suddenly in pajamas, and the room has less light.

Because immortal stuff.

Part of me wants to go full Edward Verres mode and explain everything about this room. Instead, I'm just going to list some things that have been established as of this page:

  • There is a single entrance to this room. This entrance is hidden from the outside. What is outside can be seen from the inside through the entrance. There are no windows.
  • Hope can change the location of this entrance while outside, but not while inside. 
  • Hope casually talked to herself once inside, not far from the entrance, without any apparent concern about being overheard.
  • There is a table, a stool, a bed, a wardrobe, two treasure chests, a mat by the entrance (don't want to track in dirt!), and what's probably a bookcase (panel two).


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