Comic for Wednesday, Dec 27, 2023


Posted December 27, 2023 at 5:25 am

Delay - I'm very sorry for further delaying story pages, but I'm strongly second guessing what's supposed to come next, and I genuinely can't tell if it's because I need to do a rewrite, or if I'm just too tired to be hyped for it.

I need to get a lot of sleep, and do some some thinking while NOT effectively drunk from sleep deprivation.

Saturday EGSNP shouldn't be an issue. I should be able to get sleep before tomorrow (and even if I don't, Ashley can at least do something silly).


- Pandora talking with narrative text, early on in Sister 3

- Pandora talking with narrative text, end of Sister 3

Oh ye gods my sleep schedule after Christmas is a disaster. Why am I still awake, and writing a commentary, at THIS hour? What the heck is wrong... With...

Wait. Commentary. That's what I'm writing.

HEY HEY, EVERYBODY! Welcome to the commentary for this page!

I had fun with Justin's thoughts on this page, and for anyone wondering authorial intent, no, I did not intend for Justin to seriously think Hope's a princess. Justin is simply snarky at times, even with himself.

Speaking of Justin's thoughts, I can use them for an example while giving a writing tip.

When I first wrote this page, panel two Justin simply thought "it's a relatively inexpensive deck, but still" after thinking about the lack of "sticker shock."

It was only later that I thought of something most people reading this could compare the price to, hopefully conveying it better.

My point, though, was what I first wrote was fine for a first draft. Trying to write something perfectly in the first draft is a good way to never finish writing anything. It's much easier to get good writing out of improving a first draft than trying to write gold on a blank page.

(If you thought the video game price comparison was unhelpful, terrible writing, please disregard the above advice, for I am clearly scrub trash.)


EGSNP returns tomorrow!