Comic for Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022


Posted September 28, 2022 at 12:00 am

One more page before the end of Balance! After that, a two week break from story comics, but EGSNP will continue.

"...To work here"

I like Arthur's last line as is, but just to be clear, he wants them as eventual recruits.

Whatever other conclusions one might have jumped to, jump right back to where your started, you.

Elliot's More Default Feminine Form

This is Elliot's preferred form to sleep in.

Elliot likes the shorter form with long hair is fun, prefers shorter hair for sleeping.

There might be other factors, but I choose to focus on the long hair.


I originally wrote this scene without narration, but there was a snowball effect of there naturally being more and more to say (mostly because of the healing spell), and it really was starting to feel like an endless barrel of exposition that was there just to be there. Anywhere interesting it might have gone could be gotten to better later.

So a narrator jumped in, booted me from my chair, narrated the heck out of this scene, then fled.

Thank you, mysterious narrator, for taking what could have been a couple more weeks, and making it one page.


- Tuesday EGSNP