Comic for Friday, Sep 9, 2022


Posted September 9, 2022 at 12:00 am

- "Dad's had no reaction to seeing me as a woman all week"

Schedule: I'm not planning to have a sketchbook this week, and I'm not sure when the next one will be. I want to have them regularly, but after two weeks with only four story pages, I want to prioritize getting back to three a week.

This way, we can conclude this arc, I can take an actual break, and then get a proper production practice going.

Tedd Pronouns

Tedd has a preference for contextual pronouns, but is okay with he/him and they/them pretty much all the time.

That said, if Tedd has chosen a feminine form, and someone uses she/her along with feminine terms, it will make Tedd very happy.

The only reason Tedd doesn't like she/her when in a masculine form is sensitivity to a history of being androgynous.


Grace would normally have the presence of mind to know this would be a lot for Tedd to take in, but she's just learned she's getting a new mom AND someone to connect with about uryuoms, so hopefully that's understandble.

And yes, let's not kid ourselves, if Edward marries Lavender, that is a new mom for Grace.


I debated whether Lavender should be a former assistant at this point, and realistically, she probably shouldn't be.

Character-wise, however, that's the job Lavender genuinely wants, so... Please don't take this as a real world work-dynamic life lesson, kids.

(Or a lesson as to how to tell your kids you're remarrying.)

(It's probably a good bet that you should carefully consider the actual real world merits of any choices these characters make before emulating them.)


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