Comic for Wednesday, Jun 8, 2022


Posted June 8, 2022 at 12:00 am

- Previous impatience with Elliot

Oh no. I've just realized what I've done.

Liam said he was thinking about cake. That's an odd thing to be thinking about, and quite possibly not what he was actually thinking about.

I only had him say cake because it seemed like an amusing option, but now we are presented with a very valid question that I honestly had not anticipated:

"Is the cake a lie?"

I'm so sorry.

Also, since I don't assume everyone in the world reading this comic knows everything, including popular memes from... Wow, 2007?

Anyway, "the cake is a lie" is a line from Portal, a video game in which you are promised the reward of cake for performing tests by a possibly treacherous artificial intelligence.

It is also possible you never receive any actual cake in this game.


- Tuesday EGSNP